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Welcome to the

Copperstate Mustang Club

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Spring Fling 2018

We meet once a month, on the second Sunday of the month at 1:00 P.M. at the Community Hall of the Mount of Olives Church at 3546 E. Thomas Road in Phoenix.


Copperstate Mustang Club

P.O. Box 50309

Phoenix, AZ 85076-0309

Saturday, March 24, 2018 Spring Fling. Click on the Mustang Logo below to download the registration form

Click here to access the registration form
Current Cars registered for the show

    1Greg N.   A1964.5 to 1966 All
    2Phyllis P.   J1964.5 to 1978 Modified
    3Rich C.   J1964.5 to 1978 Modified
    4Bryan D.   A1964.5 to 1966 All
    5Ron C.   L1964.5 to 1978 Modified
    6Lauren E.   A1964.5 to 1966 All
    7Chevie N.   A1964.5 to 1966 All
    8Kevin Z.   D1971 to 1973 All
    9David S.   A1964.5 to 1966 All
   10Glen N.   O2005 - 2014 Modified
   11Robert R.   H2005 - 2014 All
   12Tony P.   A1964.5 to 1966 All
   13Tom M.   M1979 to 1993 Modified
   14Jack C.   K2005 to 2018 Saleen/Roush/Cobra/Shelby/ All
   15Chris W.   K2005 to 2018 Saleen/Roush/Cobra/Shelby/ All
   16Joyce L.   H2005 - 2014 All
   17Frank G.   M1979 to 1993 Modified
   18Robert G.   K2005 to 2018 Saleen/Roush/Cobra/Shelby/ All
   19Jesse G.   L1964.5 to 1978 Modified
   20Jeff L.   K2005 to 2018 Saleen/Roush/Cobra/Shelby/ All
   21Bill B.   K2005 to 2018 Saleen/Roush/Cobra/Shelby/ All
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